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Hey everyone! I arrived safely in Chiang Mai yesterday (Sunday) morning! Travels went well for the most part, and I’m so happy to be back in Thailand. This place is one of my favorites.

 I’ve got until Thursday without much of a plan to whip this cold I’m struggling with, adjust to the time change, etc. Headquarters here is an awesome place, and I’ll try to post a few pictures before I have to head out again, but this one of the sunrise this morning will have to do for now.

Sunrise at The CentreSunrise at The Centre


Friday morning my first flight from Winnipeg to Denver was cancelled due to snow storms, resulting in me missing all the rest of my flights. I was blessed to have United deem my trip a priority and because of that was one of about 4 people that got put on a flight to Chicago. From there I flew directly to Hong Kong, and then onto Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Through everything I was still able to arrive at the same time, which I’m extremely thankful for. One of the changes to the flight plan was that I had a 16 hour flight instead of two 8 hour flights. I decided to do a bit of a live journal during the flight, and I’ve attached it below. The hr/min is based off of the travel time remaining on the entertainment system. It helped pass the time a little. :)

Thanks so much to everyone who has been praying for me the past few days. Enjoy the cold! (sorry, I had to)



live journal (chicago to hong kong)

Boarding – 15hr 55min

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little upset. Instead of two 8 hour flights with window seats on a 787 Dreamliner, I’m on a 16 hour flight on a 777. In the middle seat. At the back of the plane next to the lavatory. Whatever gets me to my destination I guess..


15hr 55min

I was supposed to have a middle seat, but a young Asian mother and her maybe 4 year old son are in that row, and she wants the isle. So at least I’ve got my window back. Lets make a quick pros cons list to sum everything up so far.



Window seat



Seat right next to the toilets

16 hours next to a 4 year old

I can feel the cold/sore throat I’ve been battling for the past week is about to win.

There is a child sitting next to me

He smells like feet

He is looking at me while I write this

Did I mention I’m next to a young human?


15hr 50min

During takeoff the boy buried his head in a pillow and griped his mothers hand in fear. I can tell already he is weak.


15hr 31min

Everyone seems to be settled in for the most part. The boy is watching Scooby Doo on his entertainment system. He doesn’t have any headphones though, so he can’t even hear the program. I feel a slight pang of empathy so I gave him my headphones. I can watch him fairly closely and if he starts chewing on them I can take them back very easily. Again, he is weak, and I feel I have good odds if he fights back.


15hr 29min

I’m pretty sure his mother is in love with me now.


15hr 19min

The flight attendants just passed through the cabin passing out headphones. So I got mine back almost right away. However, I’m on the moms good side now for sure. That little 10 minutes headphone investment seems like it will pay off.


15hr 03min

This might not be too bad. He’s keeping to himself for the most part, and I can’t smell the lavatory or his feet anymore. Also his mother scolds him if he so much as bumps me, so I’m really glad I lent him my headphones.


13hr 07min

I’ve noticed on the map that we’re flying north over the top of the globe. We’re directly over Lake of the Woods about now. Weird that I drove 5 hours just to fly south over my house to then fly north–back over my house. Whatever.





12hr 49min

By the time the food carts make it to our row, I’m informed there is no more fish selection so I’ll have to be okay with chicken noodle stir-fry. Thank God so many people on this flight wanted fish, because I can’t imagine how nasty airplane fish must be.


12hr 45min

That was the smallest portion of food I’ve ever seen in my life. Surprisingly very tasty! Now back to my episode of Survivor. (stop judging. great show.)


10hr 38min

Young one needed to use the facilities, so I took the opportunity to get out of my seat and do the same. This flight isn’t too bad at all.


7hr 22min

They brought through fudge brownies, vanilla gelato, and coffee. So so nice.


7hr 19min

THE BOY IS PUKING UP HIS GELATO! Just out of nowhere too. He got a little on his shirt/seat before his mum could grab his barf bag. It smells like death. I gave them all the facial tissue I had brought back from the previous lavatory run (you know, because that head cold is coming on strong), and she loves me even more now.


6hr 58min

My nose is starting to run a little bit, but they’re both sleeping and I can’t get out. I’m out of facial tissue as well because I gave it all to puke face. Blast.


6hr 04min

Food cart came and went, she seems mad that it woke her up. She didn’t even take any food though! I wanted to ask for her portion but didn’t bother.


3hr 35min

I just woke up and cannot feel my legs. They’re still sleeping though, so I can’t get out. Also, my computer is dead so no more of my movies. Most of the movies on the entertainment system look lame so I guess I’ll see if Man of Steel is any good.


1hr 00min




My ears are just a mess. This cold is really making the flight less enjoyable. But the end is in sight!



Hong Kong! I’m convinced flying into this city at night is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. One more flight until I can find a hotel.. sleep is underrated.

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  1. Hahahaha! What a great flight to Asia! Or a great commentary, at least. I was mad at your first comments about the small human. But I know you really do love small humans . . . and that came shining through loud and clear by the way you showed such kindness and bestowed such blessings upon him through the entire 15 hours. Things like headphones and tissues and stuff. Funny stuff. :)

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