Andrew Jacob. Photographer. Small Business Owner. World Traveler. Food Enthusiast.


Hey! Welcome to my website! Here is where you can learn to know me a little better through my blog and view a sampling of my work. Thanks for stopping by!



I chose Destination Infinity as my brand for a few reasons. First of all, the photography market here in my community in northern Ontario is very small. I wanted potential clients and other photographers to know I’m excited about destination photography. I love to travel, but in the context of travel, the word destination is so final. You’ve arrived. You’re finished going places. Not cool. Destination Infinity leaves things so open ended. The end game is completely unknown. I liked the metaphor for my business and for life in general. Plus, it made for a pretty sweet logo.

My current focus is on portraiture (seniors, families, couples) and weddings, but I am exploring commercial photography for corporations as well. My goal is to build a self sustaining brand that is able to support the startup of a sister company focused on Missions and event photography.

+ Things:

Jesus/jazz/coffee/bacon/full-frames/Italy/canvas/Frank Sinatra/scuba diving/canon/sun/steak.medium-rare./sleep/bmw/watches/Venice/camping/beaches/suits/Louis Armstrong/cliff jumping/bonfires/San Diego/shoes/mac/airports/saxophone/wine/Ferrari/Vince/ fireplaces/libraries/movies/mountains/John Mayer/trucks/light/friendly people/Canada/pad thai/hotels/ice cream/swords/787s/hard rock cafe/KU/theatres/bow-ties/Ella Fitzgerald/bbq/lakefront properties/lions/bacon again

 – Things:

cauliflower/slow wifi/-40°/spiders/gas prices/duke/tea/religion/mornings/broccoli/cows/valentines day/lazy people/cauliflower again

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